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Suzanne Middle School

Mr. Soikkeli

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Amateur radio/ Short Wave Communications

Technician license course
Pro Home Design Center
Dial a Galaxy

Audio Transfer and Restoration
Digital image photography and restoration

Computer artwork
Radio Communications
Video Editing and Movie Making

Audio Communications
Advanced Computer tech
Urban Planning

Laser Communications
Music Production Midi
Web page Design
Computer Assisted Machining (CAD/CNC)

Cad/3-D modeling
Automotive Technology

Railroad Technology


Mr. Soikkeli's Earthquake/Emergency Preparedness Web Page www.BQuakesafe.org

Additional links
Astronomy Pictures
Astronomy facts
Rocket contest
Vandenberg launch sight
Paper air planes
Short wave radio
Cal Poly solar
Energy activity
Online learning

Students explore over 30 technologies that lead to careers.

Students Today Become Leaders Tomorrow! Standards Based Activities
Visit the World with Amateur Radio and Shortwave Communications Hands on Learning Leads to Great Careers
Hair Raising Fun Exploring Career Skills
30+ Science and Technology Learning Centers All Students Should Experience Such a Great Learning Place
Reaching for the Stars Wouldn't You Love to be Here Too??
Images we Took at Star Night Student Centered Learning

Technology Education and Vocational Education Standards


Students help orphanages and schools in Mexico by rebuilding computers and setting up computer labs for kids and rural community centers.  Pentium IV's and laptops are needed for the schools and community centers there.



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