Welcome to Suzanne Middle School Technology Learning Center

Amateur radio/ Short Wave Communications

Technician license course
Pro Home Design Center
Dial a Galaxy

Audio Transfer and Restoration
Digital image photography and restoration

Computer artwork
Radio Communications
Video Editing and Movie Making

Audio Communications
Advanced Computer tech
Urban Planning

Laser Communications
Music Production Midi
Web page Design
Computer Assisted Machining (CAD/CNC)

Cad/3-D modeling
Automotive Technology

Railroad Technology


Audio Communications

In the audio communications module students can make their own audio tape.  They can also mix some of their favorite songs, or make a talk show.
Advanced Computer Tech (Must have skills)

For this module students must be proficient with working on computers.  The students will be taking apart computers and fixing or upgrading the hardware.  The will also do an assortment of activities using computers.

In the aerodynamics module students will learn how to use a wind tunnel, and how to read what it says about different shapes, and how aerodynamic they are.  They will also get to put shapes of their own to see how aerodynamic they are.
Urban Planning (sim city)

For the urban planning module students can make their own town and get a feel for what it is like to run a town, and take care of it.  They will also have fun in the process.