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Amateur Radio Communications


Radio Communications learning center teaches students about global communications through Amateur Radio, shortwave, and digital broadcasts.  Students learn about Ham Radio for international good will, emergency communications and fun!

Students listen to the world and learn to decode messages in Morse Code "CW", PSK31 digital, Slow Scan Television, and much more.  Students may also study for their Technician Class Amateur Radio license. 

Most students explore and learn about Radio Communications for the first time.  Radio careers and technologies are also explored.  Mr. Soikkeli's AE6RS Amateur Radio page is also very interesting to check out!



In the biotechnology module, students can learn a lot about the human body using computer instruction and health equipment. They learn about basic first aide.

Students also do and assortment of fun tests to learn about the human body including studying the effects of exercise on heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, body temperature and weight. 

Students explore some of the many excellent careers in the medical profession.

Computer Graphic Arts Design

Students explore art and graphic design using the powerful tools of computer technology.  Students learning computer based drawing, brush and textures, layers, and many graphic design tools.  Students also learn how computer based graphic designs are used in careers in the "real world".
TV Productions

In TV. productions the students will be able to make movies, and revise them, add titles and transitions, and combine still pictures and graphic designs within their movies.  Students learn about special effects and "green screen" chromakey" technologies are used to produce special effects. 

Advanced students "produce" their own animated movies using their computer artwork combined with pictures and movie frames.  Students learn about the many careers and real world applications for movies today.