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Amateur radio/ Short Wave Communications

Technician license course
Pro Home Design Center
Dial a Galaxy

Audio Transfer and Restoration
Digital image photography and restoration

Computer artwork
Radio Communications
Video Editing and Movie Making

Audio Communications
Advanced Computer tech
Urban Planning

Laser Communications
Music Production Midi
Web page Design
Computer Assisted Machining (CAD/CNC)

Cad/3-D modeling
Automotive Technology

Railroad Technology


Laser Communications

In the laser module students learn the science and physics of lasers. They will be able to do an assortment of activities with a laser including testing the properties of laser light with prisms, colored fluids, fiber optics, and lenses.  They will be able to talk over the beam and learn about many of the laser applications in science, medical professions, and modern technology today.
Midi Music (musicians only)

With the music keyboard and the midi module, students (who are experienced with the piano) can play, compose, and change music that they create themselves.  Computer recording and rendering allows for students to learn how to edit and multitrack their music compositions just like in career music professions.
Webpage Design

Students can learn how to make their own web pages, they learn some basic HTML code, and have fun at the same time.  They explore careers in professional web page design and learn about the many applications of web page design.
Computer Assisted Machine (cad/cam)

In this module students learn how graphics design combined with computer robotic machining can produce the many items in our daily lives.  Students then learn how to develop a graphic design and convert this to "Numeric Code" for the computer to robotically manipulate a machine and carve a name tag.  Students also see how algebra and geometry with X,Y and Z coordinates can be applied to make real objects using the computer controlled milling machine.