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Amateur radio/ Short Wave Communications

Technician license course
Pro Home Design Center
Dial a Galaxy

Audio Transfer and Restoration
Digital image photography and restoration

Computer artwork
Radio Communications
Video Editing and Movie Making

Audio Communications
Advanced Computer tech
Urban Planning

Laser Communications
Music Production Midi
Web page Design
Computer Assisted Machining (CAD/CNC)

Cad/3-D modeling
Automotive Technology

Railroad Technology



In in the flight module students will lean many things about how airplanes work, and a little bit about how to fly planes.  They take a basic flight training course on the computer and learn about aircraft safety.  They then get to test their basic skills on the various flight simulators in the Tech Lab.  Students also learn about careers in aviation.

For the electronics module the students get to learn the basics of electronics, and get to do some hands on learning with the different electronics using a "bread board" and 24 electronic projects.  The students will also study basic electronics using a program on the computer.
Audio Transfer and Restoration

In this module students can learn how to use a program to fix old records, tape cassettes, and even CD's.  Students can "re-master" old records and tapes to make them near CD quality using state of the art audio restoration software and techniques.  Students study how music is mastered and published in real world careers.  Copyright policies are also learned about and followed.
Digital image photography and restoration

In image photography and restoration students can learn how to use digital image editing software to edit pictures, work with "layers" and use a digital camera.  They can also learn how to restore damaged images, scan images from photographs and repair/enhance them.  They learn about careers with photography and graphics design.